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Have a hunger for the Word of God our Abba Father and live only for Him. The world will destroy you without the Grace of our Father. Daily we meet and travel and so many are bound up in the sins of the world, the pursuit of worldly possessions and money.

Christ alone can set one free. Don’t be easily offended. The world will extinguish your boldness concerning His Truth. Use your knowledge and skills to impart His Truth to others that they may be delivered from the darkness.

So many are riddled with the sin of the world and their children are living examples having been brought up jobbed out in public schools where all faith is decimated. Rely alone on the wisdom of God. Remember, you are not your own.

Nathan Reynolds

Buy the truth and never sell it and by doing so live free unto the Lordship of Jesus Christ Yashua.

War Of The Ages

The Sons of Belial have raised up their covert wars for ages. The Remnant are needing to awaken to the understanding of their role in the War of The Ages. Are you prepared; if so, do not be moved? Those that reject His truth are by default under the kingdom of darkness serving self while building their own kingdom which will not last.

John 8:32

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