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With all the allegations about a group of unelected men making decisions that impact the rest of the country, we wanted to dig into the documents and talk to experts to find the truth.

Is there a Deep State? And if so, how deep does it go? We wanted to give a special thanks to Jefferson Morely for his extensive research and writing surrounding this topic and for taking time to interview with us.

If sheep remain asleep refusing to take responsibility for the state of our nation then they deserve exactly what they will get. If We The People continue funding the FED we will be destroyed from within. If parents continue to vax their newborns, subjecting them to the public fool system, the demise of America & the family will continue.


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The human condition is so predictable. Illegal immigrants Storm US border.

Invasion Preparedness

This is all part of the plan & prepare for millions who want what you have and they will take it no matter the cost. Your life is meaningless to them and they are coming for your home.

John 8:32

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