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The medical cartel coupled with the drug cartel, like the school cartel, thrives on the monetary system. The result is the compliant, complacent, obedient wageslave, void of all critical creative thinking. It’s all about revenue & profit and like ants, the masses march in step.

The sad reality is if anyone speaks loudly enough, out of concern, they are quickly shunned, banned, slandered & removed, in a variety of ways, because the sheep must be sheered and culled. The process must not be interrupted just as the children must be permanently controlled & damaged, thus compliant & obedient, totally controllable. With the parental support of 75 newborn vaccines, children are equipped with longterm medical effects & a marvelous financial stream for the medical apparatus.

Feedong Cancer

Sadly, it’s always about the job, paycheck, routine and programming. The sacrifice must be made so don’t allow anyone to interfere with the profits. Cognitive dissonance continues to rule among the masses. CV19™ has been the greatest money maker in history along with a great genocide. Remember, the Georgia Guidestones. After 12 years of mass indoctrination, how easily society is led to their own demise. How sad for the innocent children and few parents are any wiser. If you speak out, you will be punished. Speak loudly & stand strong in Christ Jesus.

John 8:32

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