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Facial Recognition – Digital Identity or Digital Prison? It is here now. Welcome to the internet of eyes; where no facial identity is left behind monitoring everyone, everywhere, all the time. We now have smart lights, smart poles, smart corridors & smart cities.

Those in schools are clueless void of any critical, survival skills, just as the masses are asses, as an old friend used to say. He was right! They will cancel, ban & slander you. Scripture is clear how families will turn on one another just as the sheep will. Children will sue parents for money in this litigious society, void of any sanctity of life, caring only for self.

The depth of your slavery determines the limit of your wealth while giving up total sovereignty to identity slavery. The corporate fiction will be determined by your digital slavery. What the asset can or cannot do surrounded and governed by rules while seeking permission to access your assets which is linked to your digital ID. Digital ID’s are about controlled compliance from cradle to grave.

Your digital currency can be turned off thus shutting anyone down. Smart cities are already designed limiting mobility worldwide. Everything is digital and the masses are totally unaware & unprepared. Where do you stand?

John 8:32

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