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Dr. Anthony Chaffee is a practicing Neurosurgical registrar, host of the Plant Free MD podcast, former professional rugby player and long term adherent and advocate of the Carnivore diet. In this talk he outlines the pervasive influences behind the nutritional and medical guidelines from the Seventh Day Adventist church, big food corporations and pharmaceutical industries.

Plants are toxic. Stop thinking what you’re told to think. People are dying in nursing homes known as death homes daily. Time to awaken and change. The corporations make us sick in order to sell us drugs promoted by white coat physicians. Doctors are tightly controlled and not in the healing business. It’s always about the bottom line, making money and the greed of those supporting the system leading to their own demise.

This nonsense has been going on since the 1800’s. Society is extremely sick due to the oxalates in all vegetable’s, whether store bought or homegrown. Sheep are easily led from cradle to grave. CV19™ is a prime example and corporate America understands this just as government institutions employ the programming. Sheep must always be controlled, herded, sheered and ultimately culled, because it is profitable and necessary.

Did you know not all beef is created equal? There IS a difference between grass fed and finished beef, and grain fed feedlot beef.

Grass fed cattle spend their entire lives eating only grass; they are not fed any grains. In the spring, summer and fall, cows graze on pasture, and in the winter, they eat hay (dried grasses) and haylage (fermented grasses). Our cows are also out on range so they eat plants and shrubs and leaves as well, and the breeds we have are very good at foraging for all kinds of goodies, especially the Highlands!

This is our opportunity to acknowledge the power of regenerative agriculture to heal ourselves and our soil from the industrial food system.

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Amy from Waikikahei Ranch. We dove deep into the transformative world of regenerative agriculture and the magic that happens when we work with nature, not against it. Amy shared some eye-opening insights into the practices at her ranch, from bail grazing to no-till seeding, and the remarkable results they’ve achieved.

If you’ve ever wondered about the real impact of soil carbon content or how direct-to-market models can revolutionize ranching, this conversation is for you. Join us as we explore the future of sustainable farming and the power of making informed choices. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share for more enlightening discussions on agriculture, health, and well-being. Together, let’s pave the way for a greener future!

About Amy and Waikikahei Ranch: I am a first generation rancher. We gave up careers in the yachting and maritime industry to move 5hrs inland and raise grass finished beef, ONLY direct to market. It’s been a journey! I am also “carnivore” and my “diet” has healed my debilitating autoimmune disease. We are super passionate about beef and ranching, so much so that I was getting SO MAD with all the anti-beef and plant based narrative that I complained to CANADA BEEF and met with their Director of Communications…then I started my own podcast and launched our instagram to try and get a PRO-BEEF voice out there. This year I launched a campaign to help assist OTHER farms and ranches be profitable and sell their products direct to market. We need more farms now more than ever and so many are closing.

Our insta is @waikikahei_ranch and @sellbeefdirect and websites are and

Feed the children

Health is Wealth and few today have it. Man was designed to live a healthy lifestyle, dying at around 120 in service to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Man’s body is the temple of God and must be cared for daily. Plants are there for themselves and not for you.

Remember, Health is wealth and unpluging from the matrix, beast system is not for the faint of heart. Remember, it’s the red pill or the blue, your call; free or slave. The matrix produces slaves so come out of her my people and be free. Bless your journey. We are all eternal so where will you spend it?

John 8:32

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