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The Planned Fall 2022 “Epidemics Tyranny”

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They tell us that there is something wrong. We have to start listening to Klaus Schwab’s Israeli-advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, who shamelessly calls his fellow humans – if he is indeed human – useless and superfluous eaters, no longer needed, because robots and AI will soon take over.

He says it in public, most recently in a TED talk without scruples. See video below. Why don’t we listen to him? What does one do with “useless eaters”, redundant consumers, using up the elite’s natural resources?

They may be slanted for “neutralization”. What better tools than fear of an invisible virus, leading to the administering of toxic vaxxes; artificial inflation, making the rich even richer and enhancing poverty, misery; the collapse of the economy, causing more misery, famine and death. Airlines collapsing, a proxy for travel restrictions – meaning a bar on liberty and freedom.

Then, there is an ever silently encroaching QR Code – eventually controlling everything. It is the instrument to absolute tyranny.

It is applied everywhere and, if not stopped by us, the People, it will become the all-encompassing global ID, with thousands of pieces of information of each and everyone of us. It’s a pre-position to total and absolute enslavement.

For two years, we are inundated with artificially created supply-chain disruptions, and / or shortages of everything, from food to energy. Does anybody ask, “why now”?

And just in case somebody might ask, the culprit is always Russian President Putin. He is the  “foreign” media-made villain. It’s a good psychological strategy for the masses, as they don’t have to look for, or even see the Monster in front of them.

We have to start looking at the real causes, at the Cult-Monster – and circumvent it, by creating alternative models of living, by getting together, doing what the financial elites don’t want us to do: Act in solidarity.

No longer bending to mask rules, to social distancing, to lockdowns, to working from home – no complacency.

Togetherness, unification, solidarity are the concepts that allow us to grow out of the dungeons of slavery. The dynamics of this new “togetherness” will enlighten us for the creation of new forms of societal cohabitation, of sharing and developing new sciences.

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Quite an explanation. Now it makes more sense as to why we are seeing all of these MAC addresses being thrown off by vaccinated people.

Mik Andersen explains how and why vaccinated people give off Bluetooth MAC addresses, how they can be controlled by a vaccination server, and points to the published scientific literature to prove it. It’s a lot of information. Just stick with it.
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Source: Truth Media.

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