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This specially recorded reading of St John’s Gospel was filmed in the Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster Abbey, by acclaimed actor Sir David Suchet CBE. Best-known for playing Agatha Christie’s fictional detective Hercule Poirot, Sir David became a Christian in 1986 after reading a hotel room Bible.

He has read the entire Bible before, for Hodder & Stoughton’s Audio Bible, which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. The Jerusalem Chamber in the Abbey’s Deanery, the residence of the Dean of Westminster, has a pivotal role in the history of printed versions of the Holy Bible. It hosted the committees engaged on writing King James I’s Authorized Version of the Bible in 1611, the Revised Version in 1870, the New English Bible in 1961 and the Revised English Bible in 1989.

St John’s Gospel reached its final form around AD 90–110, although it contains signs of origins dating back to AD 70 and possibly even earlier. Like the three other gospels, it is anonymous, although it identifies an unnamed ‘disciple whom Jesus loved’ as the writer.

St John

The written word of God gives life to those truly commited to the cause of Christ, those who live life for Christ, those who truly know Christ and those He has chosen to know. Where do you stand today?

John 8:32

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