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Happy New Year!

We are at war!  It’s a savage campaign being waged against the hearts, minds, and souls of mankind, as laid out from Genesis to Revelation, and it is rapidly approaching its prophesied convergent zenith.  Standing on the front lines amid the fray of battle are the Redeemed sons and daughters in Jesus Christ!

As such, our True and Better Commander-in-Chief, the Lord Almighty, has sounded the battle cry that a Warrior Class of Christians arise! They are among those who intimately know the  Captain of their Salvation and who advance His Kingdom in valorous Omega Dynamics: the powerful and effectual actions of the Redeemed of the Lord victoriously going forth in the End of the Age (Dan 11:32)!

This coverup and cover-over has been going on since Regan made the statement: we need some outside event to awaken humanity. It is go time. All the governments of the world are speaking to this and it’s all Biblical. There are too many people and we need to depopulate fast, around 7 billion to be exact. The emergency planning is using CV19™, go watch Greenland. All of this is foretold in Scripture.

2023 will exhibit a mass genecide thanks to CV19™ along with future variants & boosters from cradle to grave. PHO’s are looming in the future as stars will fall from the sky within the next decade in accord with Scripture. Everything is a counterfeit to Jesus Christ; the antichrist is the antitheses of Christ. They are spinning everything. Those void of relations with Jesus Christ are nothing more than cannon fodder eternally condemned. The complacent cowards will be the first to enter the Lake of Fire.

John 8:32

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