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Happy New Year my Friend and welcome to 2023, a true gift & Great New Year. What will you do with it? Whom do you serve? Far too many in families are self serving, greedy, lost souls.

This is the year to awaken by changing Status & Standing to truly be free. If property is owned it is imperative to establish the Land Patent which stops any foreclosure or tax. Make this a year to remember by making the most important changes. Become a true & free American.

Instead of wasting time studying SMU, (stuff made up) it’s time to get busy studying what’s really important and stop studying SMU which is only going to enslave you like everyone in the family including everyone you know or have known. It’s time to work for the Lordship of Jesus Christ by helping His people and not helping yourself. This nation, your family, your friends, all need your help.

Time is short, please stop wasting it. The reason I do this is because I love you, this country and I do it all to our Father’s Glory while pointing the way to the cross of Calvary and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. You were born to serve, honor and live for Him. Far too many are facing a very dark eternity while living a fearful, godless life. Please don’t continue down the road of slavery. Start serving Him today. Observe the families that violate this one law along with His laws. They are among the walking dead drifting through life. Know anyone like that? Jobbed out for life.

What is fear, it’s a lack of knowledge. Fear is God telling you to go learn about it. Don’t be afraid of stuff that isn’t going to happen. Fear is false evidence appearing real however Father’s wisdom must be embraced and employed, only a fool would do otherwise. Don’t argue, communicate, which is the kiss of life. Anything registered is public, your body, name, car, home, ect. Status, standing & jurisdiction is everything in the law.

In His Love & Service,

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