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The coming posthuman apocalypse and the usurpation of Adam’s dominion on planet earth from a theological perspective is clear.

Birthright is the preamble to the story of mankind. The offspring of Adam have forgotten who they are. Now faced with extinction at the hands of an alien adversary, it is time for them to remember.

Mankind is highly mutated from the source carrying a mutational load called genetic degeneration such as cancer which is a genetic mutation and junk DNA. Vaccines, such as CV19™ introduce artificial elements into the human condition causing mutations tampering with the human creation turning the body into a spike protein factory.

The mark of the beast will be genetically accepted and adopted into man’s genome in the genetic revolution. Genetic babies are the future void of the mother. These threats are manufactured just as CV19™ is the bata test and will continue until the utility is exhausted.

Genetic integrity is rare due to an easily controlled society, leading to total control. For the elect sake the days will be shortened and protected, not so for the unelected. Remember the Faustian bargain who made a deal with the devil, not content with mortal life. Too many sell their soul for what is desired creating their own reality leading to their own destruction. The fearful, injected, godless are being lulled into this Faustian Bargain. It’s Jacob & Esau being beguiled into his lost birthright. How many took the Vax to travel or keep a job? How easily will they be beguiled into taking the mark? People are dumb unto death. Thus the CV19™ vax.

Watch what’s coming by following Father God’s Wisdom. Take off & flee to the hills. Be awake, be informed, be wise. Look ahead and navigate around what’s coming never surrendering to the mark of the beast. Are you part of the remnant? It will be a simple choice for the true believer.

There will be a great reward for those who prevail.


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