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We have known the cure for cancer for decades however cancer is a tremendous business for the medical/pharmaceutical complex and the truth must not be known due to the profitability of the industry. Like CV19™ and the pharmaceutical industry producing vaccines, millions continue their struggle with life. As Yuval Noah Harari said; human beings are now hackable & trackable thanks to CV19™ injections.


Always share truth far & wide at all cost. The medical system always destroys anything interfering with their profit. If the system were in the healing business they would be out of business. They must have repeat customers for the blood money to continue flowing. It’s a cut, burn, poison, slash for cash business and thanks to vaccines it continues to be most profitable. The FDA (Federal Death Agency) keeps a tight control on sheep. Watch The Jones Plantation.

Health Is Wealth

The story of a young science-writer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, who risked everything by blowing the whistle on a massive cover-up involving a promising cancer therapy. One of America’s largest cancer centers tested a non-patentable cancer therapy and found that it stopped the spread of cancer 80% of the time, and they were forced by the US Government and other cancer agencies to cover up their own positive results. This is that story, with a frontline whistleblower, documents, and never-before-seen footage showing this profound cover-up. Second Opinion: The Lie on America’s War on Cancer (2014)

Crime Against Humanity

We must empower everyone because all life is priceless so understand the right to choose. Thanks to CV19™ disease continues to rise from toxic substances willingly received by injections disguised as a vaccines. Beware of the food coming from Walmart or any Grocery today. What’s in your water which you drink & bathe with? The vaxxed are being softly erased…

John 8:32

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