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Chad Wright, a Navy SEAL for some years sharing intelligent truth to those wise enough to listen. There may be some wise enough to take a stand and if not kiss America goodby along with your children…

Enough Said…

Are you a free man/woman?

The Long Game For Your Children

They’re taking away a little at a time and the University is most effective at destroying the youth by warping the mind. They have the warping of children’s minds down to a science.

Marching Ants

People are like ants, marching ants, robot ants, programed to a life of servitude. Town folks have chosen a hard way leading to depression & suicide.

Free Yourself
Things don’t add up

How long have we heard cowardly citizens say they don’t discuss religion & politics? We’re the ones propping up what’s left of this country. The only way things work is if we engage.

Cowardly Citizens

Citizens need to wake up and grow up. America & the world needs genuine Leaders. Satan is alive and well as America continues without any real Leadership. The Satanic snake bitten libtards will stop at nothing as exhibited in Maui. The hundreds/thousands dead and missing are suffering at the hands of satanic leadership with the loss of life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness. This is the new America. Pray for real Godly men to rise up, speak up and take a stand.

A Long Life

John 8:32

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