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People of the lie, live a life of lies. As newborns they are fully vaxxed by well meaning parents causing a lifetime of longterm medical effects prior death; sometime resulting in SID’s. Similar to the sheep volunteering for the snake bite, (CV19™) resulting in SADS.

Later they are thrust into government schools, where the programming of obedience & compliance begins. In many years of schooling money and law is not allowed to be taught, only the art of wage-slavery where few survive the lies resulting in a life of lies. It’s time to stop with the game of lies. Far too many are with the CCP along with the maskitis diseased and totally unaware.

You know, I’ve heard all this for more years than you are probably alive, AND I KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU ANGRY.

What I don’t know is whether you, and those who ring this bell the way you do, have any idea WHAT to do other than ringing your bell.

My American Justice Foundation ® has a PLAN … workable plan, not more bell ringing and doomsday forecasting ! ! !

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Wake Up My Friend…

John 8:32

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