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Kerry Cassidy discusses the 14th conversation concerning the directed energy weapon deployment in Maui, widespread alien incursion, and how the Peruvian alien attacks are serving as a beta test for Project Bluebeam! Do your own research

The CCP are working closely with the Biden regime and the Rhino governors to totally destroy America. This is world War III and many children are being and have been sacrificed to Satan. Maui is just one example as thousands are still missing.

Gov Green states it’s time to build Smart Cities in Maui. China is building smart cities where everyone can be enslaved, tracked & totally controlled. What a great venture for Soros & Klaus Schwab who with the help of MSM, Gates & Fauci brought you the CV19™ vax which produced billions for those invested concerning the wheat & tares.
DEW Attack

Starting the CV19™ making billions the program is being ramped up. In accord with the Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980 and recently destroyed; 7 billion peeps must be eliminated. With the compliance of the minions the program is working beautifully.

New Colonialism set the stage for Maui’s destruction by fire which is necessary for the first smart city like in China.

Now is the time to awaken…

The Land Grab…

Can you feel it?

Another Planned Genocide

CV19™ was carefully planned for the libtard sheep and the Satanic agenda continues with the burning, killing land grab in Maui as the sheep buy MSM’s narrative.

John 8:32

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