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Never have we seen a more talented family than these four beautiful Christian ladies. They are fully devoted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ with unfailing love & devotion. They along with their father have been extremely special to our entire family. Their father is one of the most caring, giving, considerate, gifted and talented dentist in the entire southeast.

A Beautiful Godly Family

Because of their absolute devotion to Jesus Christ and living for Him to the fullest, He is honoring these four beautiful ladies with world travel performing for many large events on stage with some great artist. This family is truly blessed and their parents, as these 4, always point the way to the cross of Christ.

May America see more true Christians rise up to meet, live, work and walk in the way of Christ always pointing to Him for all He offers. We are all eternal and we live for Christ or we live for the world. Living for the world is certain death. Living for Jesus Christ is life eternal. Where do you stand today? Remember, we are all 1 heartbeat away from eternity. Learn how to live a Scriptural & Civil lifestyle, because there is no better way. It is the Higher call.

Enough said…

John 8:32

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