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For many years it has been amazing how we deworm all animals and yet never do we deworm people. Yet, so many hold tightly to the lies they’ve been told. There is no money in deworming since big pharma & the medical cartel depend on making vast amounts of money from the sale of drugs & creating medical procedures. Remember CV19™ is not a virus.

Years ago, Dr Hulda Clark wrote a number of books like, “The Cure For Cancer & The Cure For All Disease.” She was run out of America for these actions, having sense died or was poisoned. So many truthers have died and the curse continues. Her brilliant claim was parasites are at the heart of all illness. Think about it; the cut, burn, poison profession cannot allow such truth to exist. Too much money at stake so watch, read, learn and share far & wide.

Like anything, if doctors were in the healing business they would have little business and hospitals would go broke. Fear of the unknown is a prime example as exhibited with CV19™ injections, producing billions while killing millions. Covid is nothing more than flu and easily treatable with several anti-parasite drugs which were/are illegal and totally safe for use.

Remdesivir coupled with the Vent continues torturing millions supporting genecide. Welcome to the white coat profession in support of the sheep, like vaccines & government schools. Fear is the great motivation coupled with junk science. The vaxxed exhibit zero faith.

Dr Lee Merritt

Visit the doctors new simplified guide and take action for your health and the health of your loved ones.

Parasites and the Elimination Protocol I did for myself Rev 1-22-24. This is my own plan and is referenced for educational purposes but is not to be considered official medical advice.

TLDR: If you don’t have time right now to read all the stuff below, here is a brief summary of what I did for myself: I used both Nitazoxanide and Ivermectin from or other source, and Fenbendazole which is easily available from farm supply stores. (All these drugs have been tested in humans and have very high safety margins. I’m not aware of side effects at normal doses except those from the elimination of parasites!

John 8:32

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