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Dr. Josh Axe dives deep into the thought-provoking conversation between Joe Rogan and Elon Musk. Dr. Josh Axe shares his thoughts on Elon Musk calling Covid the “mind virus,” questioning ventilators, and revealing zero employee losses in China during the pandemic.

The cure is far worse than the disease. Covid is a mind virus designed to become a global disease carefully planned over decades. Normes are sheep without a Sheppard.

Mind Virus

In this eye-opening reaction episode, Dr. Josh Axe dissects key points discussed by Elon Musk, bringing a unique perspective to the forefront. Dr. Josh Axe:

* Critiques fear-driven decisions during the pandemic

* Explores the consequences of lockdowns * Questions the lack of transparency in Covid-related deaths

* Advocates for holistic health and discusses natural treatments for Covid

* Emphasizes the importance of following leaders with character Dr. Josh Axe expands on these insights, emphasizing the consequences of fear-driven decision-making in business and relationships. He challenges the focus on masking and pharmaceuticals during the pandemic, advocating for a holistic approach: immune-supporting herbs, sunlight, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Join us for a concise exploration of Covid realities and informed choices. Don’t miss this enlightening episode as Dr. Josh Axe navigates through the complexities of the Covid pandemic, unraveling the layers of decisions, consequences, and the pursuit of true health.

The Good Shepard and Former film producer, activist and survivor of childhood abuse John Paul Rice returns to SGT Report with a dire warning about cultural Marxism, wolves in sheep’s clothing and the fall of the Republic which very much mirrors the fall of Rome. Thanks for sharing this one far and wide.

Men Needed

Real Americans needed, not corporate fictions attending corporate churches, schools, jobs, ect. Americans are in dire need of true, genuine education free of vaxxed corporate fictions, controlled by vaxxed corporate fictions flexing their authority, creating wageslaves for slavery.

John 8:32

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