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We’ve all heard of “The Great Reset” Initiative which is an economic recovery plan drawn up by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in response to the CV19™ plandemic. Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF shared; you will own nothing and be happy.

Remember: fear always shuts down critical thinking as witnessed by the billion dollar covid industry, so many fell victim too. Anything with a # is a corporation, in law a fiction and that includes social security numbers. Wow unto you because everything operates through that number.

David Webb exposes the system Central Bankers have in place to take everything from everyone. The public simply does not know this because you already own nothing, not even your body.

The War Against You

Former hedge fund manager David Webb takes the audience step by step through his forensic investigation into the legal, financial and regulatory changes that have set up “the greatest crime ever contemplated … the planned confiscation of everyone’s global securities assets.”

Webb, author of a book by the same title, exposes the “scheme by central bankers to subjugate humanity by taking all securities, bank deposits and property financed with debt.”

“Legal certainty has been established that the collateral can be taken immediately and without judicial review, by entities described in court documents as ‘the protected class,’” Webb says in the film. “Even sophisticated professional investors, who were assured that their securities are ‘segregated,’ will not be protected.”

President and CEO Mary Holland, Webb said he has been studying global financial systems and warning of a coming “Great Taking” financial collapse for more than 20 years. His decades of hedge fund experience gave him insight into money flows and systemic risks that he believes foreshadow an orchestrated crash.

Webb spent years researching historical precedents like Great Depression-era bank closures and gold confiscation to help him understand the “playbook used by powerful banking interests during times of financial turmoil.”

He first noticed that money velocity rates showed how excessive money creation drives unstable economic bubbles. The mainstream news coverage during the 1990s Asian financial crisis aftermath did not fully explain the odd market movements he was seeing.

Digging deeper, Webb realized “the scale of the money creation during this period was very high.” He found Federal Reserve Board activity generating over 1% of gross domestic product worth of new money in one week — “an order magnitude bigger” than annual growth rates, he said.

The massive liquidity influx was not going into the real economy, Webb said, but into “destructive things … wars… various operations that are about control.”

Webb compared the state of the economy just before World War I to today’s hyper-financialized economy, saying both are about “looting” in the late phase of economic bubbles, just prior to a crash.

Webb also witnessed a decade-long campaign to change commercial banking statutes and ownership definitions, state by state, that set the stage for revoking investor property rights during defaults.

“The underpinning of the entire securities infrastructure in the U.S. is the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, and this is the entity that was first formed to dematerialize all securities in the U.S.,” Webb said.

Webb told Holland a career CIA operative with “absolutely no background and banking or finance” was involved in this project and was later made the superintendent of banks in New York state by Nelson Rockefeller.

“It’s very clear that this was a CIA project.”

You’ve heard of The Great Reset? Now delve into The Great Taking, described by former hedge fund manager David Webb as a system put in place by central bankers to take everything, from everyone. “It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of the current globally synchronous debt accumulation super cycle,” Webb explains.1

In the video above, you can learn more about this planned confiscation of global securities assets, which Webb argues deserves the title of “greatest crime ever contemplated.”2 Although the plan is decades in the making, Webb details signs that indicate it may be coming to fruition soon — if nothing is done to stop it. If and when that occurs, it would result in complete subjugation of humanity.

Webb has been studying global financial systems for more than two decades. By researching historical precedents, like bank closures that occurred during the Great Depression, he’s noticed signs that may foreshadow a coming financial collapse:3

Webb compares it to the global financial distress that occurred in the 1930s due to debt levels. At the time, 9,000 U.S. banks failed, taking $7 billion in depositors’ assets with them.4 “When a bank failed the depositors were simply left without a penny. The life savings of millions of Americans were wiped out by the bank failures,” the U.S. Social Security Administration states.5

Their debts, however, were not canceled but, rather, were consolidated into the Federal Reserve system and enforced. “So, people that were in debt were in trouble,” Webb says. “Even wealthy people lost everything. The difference this time around is they’re not going after just property that is encumbered by debt.” He explains:6

The Great Taking is a carefully orchestrated construct, but one that has legal underpinnings and support from the CIA and upper echelons of government. It’s a plan that dates back to the 1960s, when the process of dematerializing securities to hold them electronically began. According to Webb:7

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008 — the largest commercial collapse in history8 — was a test that paved the way for global harmonization, that is, the plan to force this model in global law. Webb continues:9

The private control of the central banks is what’s providing the power behind The Great Taking. “When you look around the world, they are all privately controlled,” Webb says. “You are not allowed to know, actually, who controls the Federal Reserve and how it is controlled. We know that it is controlled somehow by a set of banks.”10

The same pattern is seen in central banks around the world. “If you notice, any country that has attempted to have a national bank is literally attacked and destroyed. They’re not allowed to exist,” Webb notes.

“It is linked with the war machine, this private control of money. The intelligence agencies, the militaries globally would not be able to function as they are if they weren’t linked with this money creation power.”11 Meanwhile, money is created out of thin air, all but ensuring a financial collapse:12

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are one pawn in the plan to consolidate control of the financial system — ultimately leading to control of the world population. These government-backed digital currencies are issued by a central bank and promoted as digital tokens that can simplify monetary policy and bring about convenient cashless societies.

They’re also sometimes said to be similar to cryptocurrency13 due to their digital nature, but there are important, and major, distinctions.

While cryptocurrencies are decentralized and allow anonymous transactions, CBDCs are centralized and can track every transaction. They can also be controlled by the powers that be — meaning all your CBDC assets could be taken away or turned off by a central power, and there’d be nothing you could do about it.

When the financial collapse occurs, banking institutions will be protected and use the narrative that they must seize all assets in order to restart the economy. According to Webb:14

When Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the 16th largest in the U.S.,15 collapsed in March 2023, it rattled the markets, but this and similar bank failures in the recent past are not bank-specific problems. “These are the canaries in the coal mine. This is absolutely systemic,” Webb says.16 Plans dictated that globally important banks be ready for wind down by the end of 2022. Additional planning documents cite the end of 2023 for banks to be ready to go flat.

“These are indications to give you another idea of the seriousness of this,” Webb explains. “They’ve been running these trilateral exercises with Britain and the EU and the U.S. for six of the seven past years.”17

Participants in these exercises in the U.S. include the Treasury Secretary, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the chairman of the FDIC. “They’re very, very serious about this. And these exercises are about assuring the cross-border transfer of the collateral when the banks are put into wind down. So, you’ve noticed in the news that there have been some failures of banks in the last year and that is due to this increase, this backup and interest rates.”18

If we can decentralize financial power, however, it will lead to an improved economy and future. This is why Webb states central banking should be a public utility:19

On a larger scale, Webb proposes that a small fee on every electronic money transfer could generate the economic resources necessary to operate the government. “Imagine how people would feel if they were told you don’t have to file taxes anymore. That’s all going to be handled. Just pay a 10th of a percent on whatever electronic transfer you’re doing. But the people that run this system don’t want those kinds of solutions because they would eliminate their control.”20

On an individual level, you can start to break free from this system and protect your finances by eliminating debt:21

Beyond getting out of debt, Webb recommends investing in real things, like land and buildings, and have an ability to produce food. You might invest in a greenhouse, plant an orchard or move to a rural area where you can raise chickens. Any additional level of self-sufficiency you can create will offer you more protection.

To delve deeper into The Great Taking, Webb’s book can be downloaded for free at “I’ve done it this way because it will make it close to zero friction so it can spread globally. And that is really happening … This is the most important thing I can do right now,” Webb says, is spread awareness of The Great Taking before it occurs.23

Ephesians 6 tells us plainly that this life is a spiritual war, who our enemies are, what our defense is against them and how to do battle. The onslaughts are constant and we perpetually have either a battle coming, are in one now, or are coming out of one. After putting on our defensive armor we are to grab the one offensive weapon provided us; The Sword of The Spirit, which is the Word of God. What then?

Stand! Be vigilant to stand even if there seems to be no battle to be had. In this present darkness of our evil world there is a continuous disruption somewhere along the battle lines, it may not be where you are right now, but it is either coming or just left. Recognize the enemy and know his strategies, lest you fall in battle. Where do you stand?

Wherever God has placed you along the battle lines. Do not forsake your post, you are there for a reason and a purpose. Do not break ranks lest the enemy slip through. Stand!

John 8:32

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