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The Genuine Christian is an alarm clock in a world of sleepers. Those embracing the maskitis disease while accepting the CV19™ agenda, have been greatly deceived and out of fear, they are being punished on their eternal journey. Their lack of intelligent creative thinking has doomed them and those desiring to awaken them are quickly silenced & banned.

Thank our Abba Father that some care enough about our fellow man to warn them when danger is at hand in light of being banned & silenced. Where are the real men? Are you a man with a plan? Sheep care what others think while following the narrative, truthers don’t.

People are either bought or blackmailed just as the vast amount of money is made or paid to effectively fool the masses in this carefully planned worldwide genocide. Welcome to inconvenient truth. It’s always easy to scare sheep into total compliance void of integrity as vast funds are being made & paid through propaganda.

Most doctors are prostitutes, no longer doing their own research but prescribing drugs as taught in school by big pharma. Doctors are no longer physicians but prescribers supporting the largest worldwide business which has been totally corrupted. Do you really think pharma actually cares about you? Today, America & the world is controlled by tyrants. Pharmaceuticals has killed more than all events combined.

Covid Is Genocide.

Dr. David Martin is a speaker, author, business executive and inventor.

He has publications in law, medicine, engineering, finance and education. hosted a 2013 TED Talk presentation about finance, and played a starring role in the 2020 documentary “Plandemic: Indoctornation”, and has also appeared as a guest analyst on networks including CNBC and Bloomberg.

He is perhaps most well-known for his stance and research into CV19™ and as a result, he has been labelled a conspiracy theorist.

His content regularly features topics related to vaccines, mask-wearing, and other so-called health measures that were rolled out on a global scale.

His videos have received millions of views, however, since sharing his opinions, some of his videos have been taken down or censored.

Maybe it would be wise to be aware of Dr. David Martin’s speech at the European Union because vaccines don’t work. Follow the science, not the junk science.

Inconvenient Truth

Dr. David Martin’s speech at the European Union about the intentional release of a pathogen to lead us to a new era of vaccination and all the issues that come with it. CV19™, along with SARS are bioweapons engineered by the United States. CV19™ is the evidence of a worldview that we’re unsustainable which is gross propaganda, in line with the globalist narrative & agenda for world depopulation. We must stop following the narrative. We each must be a better version of humanity and awaken to the inconvenient truths of climate change which are all lies. Truth doesn’t need fear.

“Dr. ‘David Martin’ ‘Covid-19 is 100% Premeditated Murder & Terrorism Against The World”. David Martin: “The whole thing was premeditated. It was murder. It was active terrorism by a state against the world. Let’s call it what it is.”

Are you a black sheep; I’ve been a black sheep as long as there have been sheep. The beauty is, I know personally/intimately my Sheppard, my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ…

John 8:32

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