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Brighteon Broadcast News, Jan 1, 2024 – The biggest game-changing REALIZATIONS of 2023 (and what’s ahead for 2024) according to Mike Adams, who is one very bold man. So many have been silenced, banned, shunned, slandered & died for exposing truth. The Rhino christians like the Rhino republicans have sold out for money, jobs, imaginary comfort and totally self serving, living a self centered life style. Too many live desperate lives embracing cognitive dissonance, like so many family members.

Maybe it’s time to awaken to reality if possible, if you didn’t fall for the fear tactics of the covie kool-aid, designed for the soft kill, creating longterm medical effects like baby vaccines. This carefully planned genecide has been orchestrated for generations and today is in full effect.

Those awake are making plans of preparation. Sadly, the masses don’t realize what is happening and are not making plans or preparation. The masses are not self-sufficient concerning this depopulation agenda. Too many are motivated by fear, void of all logic, fully buying the junk science, while naively thinking things will return to normal as instructed by media. These are the PLF’s of society, (Programable Life Forms) which are totally replaceable which is the current agenda. They are the university students refining the art of wage slavery without a clue, while naively thinking they are on track to a better world.

With the invasion of so many illegals, there is no returning from any of this. Once the activation orders have been issued; the new film, Civil War, will become reality. Isn’t it amazing how the elites always broadcast what they are doing next.

Your Call

Extreme censorship is the norm today and most sheep don’t want to know the truth, much less allow the truth. is the new emergency channel should the internet be taken down. Bastyon is a non centralized internet channel. Decentralization is the key to living a free life to our Father’s Glory. All centralization is for control & enslavement like the federal reserve system where extortion is the norm. Sadly, most work 6 months out of the year simply to pay tax.

CBDC’s will destroy all privacy where you’ll be surveilled, enslaved and tightly controlled. Non compliance will automatically lead to your demise. This is the fed’s answer to destroying the dollar. If freedom is of importance to you and your family, be prepared. Business as usual is no longer available and it’s completely up to you. Everyone will need a spendable form of value. Think about it.

The governments of the world are at war with the people. Are you preparing or just surviving, waiting on the next shoe to fall? Remember, US Citizens are, by law corporate fictions. Honest money has long been gone and is not coming back which is good. Cryptocurrency, cryptography & blockchain technology is the future. Are you aware & prepared, because the world is changing?

“Freedom cannot be given, it must be assumed. For if one has the power to grant freedom to another, they would also have the power to take it away, meaning all you had was not freedom at all, but merely permission.”

True freedom is only found in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ however one must pray & row like your life depends on this, because it absolutely does.

In the book of Zechariah and again in Revelation we read about 4 Horses that influence and control the spirit of mankind. They go out into the earth from Israel. The Red Horse of Communism and The Pale Green (chloros), a dappled and bay (mixture of races) horse of Islam go East and South. The two that go North are the White Horse of Catholicism and the Black horse of Capitalism. The Red Horse divides men and causes them to kill each other, The Pale Green Horse simply kills on its own.

Why does God say that Catholicism and Capitalism give Him rest? Through Catholicism the gospel is preached but is flawed in that it morphs into a government that has an emperor and a religion that has a pope. Capitalism causes the people to invest in themselves and in each other and forces the law of “he who does not work (produce anything) should not eat”. Capitalism is driven by those who protest the Holy Roman Empire’s tyrannical government and hierarchical church that  births true believers who, in turn, birth nations made up of men who are free from dictators and greedy men and who worship in spirit and in truth.

The white horse carries a sword and conquers and kills many. The Black horse is the only one of the 4 that does not kill, steal and destroy. Why? Because who the Son sets free is free indeed. The other three horses hate that freedom and seek to destroy it. They are about control and enslavement and capitalism is the antithesis of those things.

The Holy Roman Empire is being revived and is the Beast system that will produce a global dictator, a global religious czar and a global monetary system. It sits on a scarlet red beast and is drunk with the blood of the saints. It will declare true believers to be enemies of the state, heretics and enemies of the church and will persecute and kill them.

This new United States of Europe will produce the man of sin, the lawless one and his false prophet singing his praises. But the end of the matter is that all of these flawed human governments will fall to the King of all Kings and the Lord of all lords and the final government will be upon His shoulders and He will rule and reign forever afterwards.

We are invited to he part of His Kingdom. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord!  To me, that is Awesomeness at its finest.

Trans Sic

What will you do? America at the crossroads…

John 8:32

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