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Why are sheep slaves so easily controlled & led? Why do they fund their own demise as Baron Rothschild once stated? Why do taxpayers live in such fear in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave? Scripture is clear we’re not to fear man but fear only God who judges all; who can cast you into hell or deliver you from hell.

CV19™ was a prime example of how easily sheep are led to their own demise & death. Since China produces our vaccines and they want our land void of any people; why not have the sheep volunteer for their own injected bio-weapon out of fear. All vaccines made by China are designed to destroy, like schools destroying all critical thinking.

Newborns are lobotomized with around 75 vaccines creating easily led jobbed out wageslaves. The mind-washing has been exceptional with the aid of parental peer pressure. Schools are designed for producing tax-filing wageslaves & factory workers. Fear has always been the greatest motivator. Sadly, the greater the intelligence, the higher the education, the more easily the sheep are led to their own demise. Add peer pressure while canceling freedom of speech and communistic slavery is easily managed by mind-washed libtards.

The federal income tax is unconstitutional for most of our county’s existence. The Founding Fathers would never have agreed to it. We should repeal it ASAP by stopping the fraud. How can tax filing sheep accomplish this? Pogo once said; I’ve met the enemy and he is us.

Stop The Fraud

Will you stop the fraud, the total destruction of America, which is still the greatest country worldwide? Will you take a stand, learn the truth and speak loudly? If not for yourself, do it for the children and please stop jobbing your children out or will you continue jumping out out bed, just over broke? If you fail, what are you doing to your children?

The 9-to-5 SCAM: The Secret to American Supremacy!

Sheeple Wageslaves

In this clip with @InsideTrueCrime, we discuss the naiveté of the American people and how ungrateful we can be as a nation thanks to the government school system, the vaccine industry & the federal reserve system.

John 8:32

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