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What is wrong with Americans? Why are they so woke? It’s solely up to you to awaken the sheep that are awake-able among family & friends. Speak loudly & own the truth. Become a Truther. Make your life count for the King and get your mind working.

A Real Man

The woke support Genecide Joe, better known as Joe Dementia who are vaxxed and can’t be awakened. They are truly the useless eaters sone to reap what they’ve sown. The woke volunteer for their own demise following mandates for job & money, ultimately leading to their own death. The white coats are equally guilty along with the politicians who are bought and paid for.

Genecide Joe Dementia
Italian TV & Joe Dementia

Far too many Americans bought the lie of CV19™ just as many of those confused support Genecide Joe leading to the demise of America. White House Senior Living is where residents feel like president. Those awake must fight like their lives depend on it because it does. The hour is late so please Speak Loudly, above all speak up.

A Real Man

Make sure you clearly understand what is being said by this real man leading his country out of slavery controlled by the FED cartel worldwide.

Honest Man

It’s totally up to every real American to awaken family & friends that our Abba Father may be glorified…

John 8:32

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