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America sends Billions overseas for war to genecide millions in order to take over land, gas & oil fields. It’s always about the money which is printed out of thin air while veteran’s are treated & vaxxed for the soft kill just like Americans naively following the mandated narratives.

While Americas grid system is antiquated and little is spent on updating the old system. If power were to go out it would it would no longer be a soft kill but an all out war in the cities. No electricity would lead to total chaos, disease, starvation and eventual death for those unprepared. Like the great depression, those producing their own support barely noticed.

For many years everyone has been encouraged to leave the city and flee to the mountains due to what’s occurring in America. As jails continue to fill with millions of illegal aliens invading our country which will result in war, it is past time to prep. Access land where excellent H20 freely flows without the need for electricity and plenty of quality food is accessible.

Correction of Status & Standing is so very important although most normes are content operating as corporate fictions accepting 1000’s of statutes. They are the publicly fooled useless eaters spoken of by the elite desiring to accomplish what was written years ago on the Georgia Guidestones, recently destroyed in south Georgia.

Own your land via land patents and have enough to raise your own cattle, sheep, chickens, ect. becasue the establishment will be serving bugs & drugs for your early demise. Like CV19™ it is all a controlled genecide for those following the narrative. The many sleeper cells will soon be awakened.

Grid Down Power Up documentary reveals the frightening reality of America’s astonishing power grid vulnerability. Watch the full interview with David Tice.

‘De-dollarization is happening’: Are countries ditching the USD in favor of China’s yuan? FXC analysts share ‘true picture’ of what is really happening — and how that might impact you.

‘De-dollarization is happening’: Are countries ditching the USD in favor of China’s yuan? FXC analysts share ‘true picture’ of what is really happening — and how that might impact you

A mutiny is taking place in the global currency market, with a growing number of countries ditching the U.S. dollar in favor of China’s yuan — at least, that’s the rumor going around.

De-dollarization — when countries shift away from the greenback as the currency for reserves, transactions and to measure value — has become a hot topic in recent years, with countries like China, Russia and others in the BRICS bloc reportedly leading the charge to dethrone the dollar.

Grid Down

This is complete Fake News predictive programming. Listen to their narrative, they all say the SAME Exact thing. They push Fear to scare people to push Governments to justify more spending and to invest more into all critical infrastructures and cyber security, energy, etc. It’s a total scam! It’s a marketing massive PR Propaganda campaign funded by all Big Corps, Globalists, Governments, WEF, etc. They want to scare everyone and raise taxes. They are creating problems and they want us to beg for solutions. Less freedom for more safety. Total Globalists SCAM AGAIN pushed by ALL OF THEM and controlled oppositions. This is another FALSE FLAG 9/11 Style attack against THE PEOPLE. Biggest Scam in Human History. They ALL need to be arrested NOW before this Fake Planned Apocalypse Rapture Event.

Dennis Quaid

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John 8:32

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