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“Vaccines Are Bioweapons”

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All vaccines cause damage to newborns, children & adults like CV19™ which has caused millions of deaths reaching into billions. Vaccines create a fantastic money maker for the slash for cash industry. The cut, burn, poison profession is booming as hospitals are enlarging at an alarming rate for those paying attention. You don’t experiment on people unless you are Nazis.

The genecide agenda is now on steroids and those caring enough to speak up about it are banned, shunned & slandered.

The medical effects springing from vaccines are uncharitable creating a lifetime of damage ultimately resulting in death. The adverse events occurring from vaccines are too many to list. Few seems to be prepared for eternity while most live for money, vacations, nice homes, jobs along with everything which is not important. Some awaken when it’s too late.

Bio Weapons

As Gates once shared: vaccines have produced more profit than any other venture he has been involved with. Years ago Gates wrote a paper on how his goal was to mine human energy for cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. Prion diseases are the result of vaccines. The results from vaccines are almost always immediate.

Remember, vaccines are not safe and those refusing to volunteer for vaccines are the most healthy living today even though they are few and far between. The only reliable wisdom is our Abba Father’s wisdom. The vaxxed operate on fear which is known to be the greatest motivator for those lacking Father’s wisdom.

Enough Said…

John 8:32

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