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If you do nothing else, do this for life, liberty, freedom & family. Proper education is everything. Stop the con, scam, lies & misinformation because loved ones are suffering and dying.

The integral cure and what “We The People” means is to show up. It’s not about the vaccine companies because they’re not the ones making the really big money. We must be at liberty and to do this meaning we must be awake.

This mandatory injection was planned in 2015 by the Covid Rico Conspirators. If you do nothing else listen and learn from Dr David Martin discuss who’s making Billions at the expense of the woke. ATI, a federal contractor in SC & ANSER is the coverup company who receives all the money for government propaganda. They have a contract shield of immunity which manages all liability. That’s premeditation. The vax injured and dead are the victims of the propaganda.

In 2019 the plan was conceived to inject every living man, women & child on planet earth. The Covid Treasonous Acts are available freely online and should be read and understood by everyone. The corona virus does not exist. The weapon is the spike protein which is being injected into arms today. These crimes are felonies. The shied of immunity is the target. FORS MARSH is the vaccine marketing company making billions. Look it up.

Gotham Data Tracking monitors your every movement linking everything in your life as the masses remain in a trance. We’ve been had by a novel virus and the needle. The vaccine companies are the coverup and have never made a safe vaccine, ever. It’s all piracy and we have a real battle ahead of us so focus on the real target.

It’s time to take responsibility.

In one of his last speeches at a mass event, Dr. David Martin, who exposed the money trail of treasonous Dr. Anthony Fauci to China, recently spoke at Wise Traditions Conference 2021 on November 5, 2021.

Martin produced an exposé with names, clues and tracks of the organizers of the plandemic.

This should lead to an indictment, arrest and prosecution followed by the execution of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Since our worthless representatives in government will not bring justice, it’s up to the PEOPLE.  Check out to see how you can be a part of the solution in your county.

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