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The Military Is In Charge?

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Optics are everything. Trump planned from the beginning to expose and bring down the system. He is, appearance wise, out of the system and the Military is in charge as seen in DC, the De facto, luciferian capital with many symbols. Soon we’ll have a new Capital in the re established Republic.

Sleepy Joe is president of his sleepy public. He doesn’t have the football, the military turned their backs on his motorcade with no one standing at attention. The orders he signed reversing Trumps, were all blank. Sleepy Joe is the president of sedition and treason.

Trump is a master player and is clearly being used of God Almighty to take down the Deep State’s Cabal and Secret Societies, as JFK was assassinated for attempting. The coming events will be devastating to the D’s; those who don’t know Christ Jesus Yashua Hamashia.

The Real State of Affairs in America: All will Change in the Public’s Eye very soon. This has all been planned from the beginning. Trump is about to take them all down and it will be painful. The corrupt, evil, wicked and self serving are fighting for their lives. It’s not about Republican or Democrat, black or white; it’s about right vs wrong, good vs evil.

Trump is cleaning house as promised and the best is yet to come! Note: the military industrial complex is the deep state as JFK and Eisenhower alluded too. The Deep State, the Military Industrial Complex, MSM, Antifa, CIA, FBI, Sleepy Joe, along with the D’s are all funded by the CCP. They are bought and paid for. Trump is exposing and changing all of this along with exposing all the child torture and trafficking which is around 8 million annually. The FBI is the cleanup/coverup team for the Deep State.

Trump is the greatest president of the US Corporation, second only to JFK. The rubber man will be gone soon as he is the enemy of America along with all his Luciferian, satanic, godless supporters. No wonder Trump is hated just as JFK. Trump has experienced over thirty attempts on his life.

What everyone witnessed on 1/20/2021 was an illusion of the rubber man getting sworn in. Welcome to the Truman Show where we have two pretenders in the White House.

Sleepy Joe isn’t a worthy opponent for Trump; only the walking dead would think otherwise. This was fantasy, an illusion, just like many optics that the deep state, politicians and Main Stream Media shares on their 24-hour network.


The Prather Point points to the White House; Imagine that!

Q Trust the plan because too many have been pacified by the fluoride. The masses have zero interest in doing much of anything outside of voting and that’s about it. Where are the teachers, educators, leaders; those interested in genuine change? The D’s along with the GOP betrayed President Trump who was restoring our Republic along with a just/honest monetary system without extortion agencies.

Those who watch MSM are spellbound, living an illusion, sickly, fearful, godless, comprising the walking dead, trained like dogs of the spell casters, under the illusion of freedom, controlled by the illusion casters.

Maybe it’s time to get Red Pilled before traveling the road of ignorance, face masked, mRNA Injection, compliments of Gates newly designed medical device.

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