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Nathan Reynolds escaped his Illuminati family to save his soul and his first born child. He has since dedicated his life to exposing the rulers of the darkness of this world. This is Part 1 & 2 of a story that should wake up the world.

Understand the incentivized mass murder of children and the vast amount of money payed to white coat prostitutes who are greedy for gain exist. Men have lost their ability to resist the destruction of the lives of the innocent, from vaccines to government schools, promoting so many lies, as the purity of a child’s life is systematically destroyed. Have you noticed how clueless teenagers are today to include most adults? How could this happen? What happened to critical thinking?

Children are being trapped & destroyed from cradle to grave as families are daily destroyed. The truth is buried by those denying all truth while defending the lies of the beast system. There is a brilliant intelligence working day and night to deatroy all that is right, true & good. The defacto system rules over the dejure. We’re dealing with generational wealth & power accumulating wealth for all time across millennia. These people are possessed through parasitic mind control which continues today.

Doctors who capitulate to evil by injecting young children with a vax for money are forever enslaved. The spilling of young children’s blood enables wholesale massacre of war by those with sworn allegiance to the evil deeds of Satan. Fear, guilt & shame rule society.

Part l

Learn to live a completely set apart lifestyle if you truly love and care for your children. Expose the intelligent evil all around you, engineered to steel, kill and destroy all truth, as the fabric of society is being destroyed. Where are the real men & women. What happened to the love of truth?

This is Part 2 of the interview with Nathan Reynolds who escaped his Illuminati family in order to save his soul and his first born child. He has since dedicated his life to exposing the rulers of the darkness of this world. In this segment Nathan explains J.A.S.O.N. groups, ritual abuse and how he was groomed to be a child assassin.

Part ll

Don’t be whipsawed into World War lll. Take a stand for truth. Stop following rules of others. Speak loudly.

Read Illuminati Unmasked by Johnny Cirucci: Everything You Need to Know about the New WORLD Order and How We Will Beat It. Barack Obama’s shocking ties to this Mystery Religion-and it’s not Islam. How American politics have been rigged and who has the power to control every level of your government.

All of America’s external threats-illegal immigration, pandemics, terrorism- orchestrated by the same people. Who was really behind 9/11 and how they have far worse planned. America’s top leaders from both Parties bow to this secret power. The worst days in America can all be traced back to them. American Patriots have been framed and murdered by them. Assassination is their specialty. Hidden history uncovered The Communists and Nazis owe them their origins.

“Another lone gunman” lie with a twist you’ve never heard: the real story behind Abraham Lincoln’s death. The chilling reality of “mind control”: LSD, satanism and the CIA…and who is behind it all.

The death of the dollar and destruction of the Middle Class: all carefully planned. The “Alien Agenda”: a coming world deception completely controlled by them…-with help from another realm. Signs that a nation you never would suspect is secretly fighting the New World Order and proof that Resistance is Rising. CV19™ was designed to create socially engineered stupid, thus producing a more compliant/complacent citizen, resulting in billions for the elite.

John 8:32

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