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The choice is entirely up to you as it is for each one of us so what are you doing about it? Only you can support freedom. Far too many serve Satan knowingly or unknowingly and this is sad because when we stand for Christ we have been promised to be the most persecuted people on the planet. Own it, embrace it and face it with joy in your heart and do it for the future of the children. No one is entitled to a country without sacrifice because we have too many cowards today controlling this empire of lies. How did this happen?

The consequences CPS Child traffickers are going to face when President Trump comes back are unlike anything ever seen before in human history. There will be world military tribunals for these criminals that have been set up from the beginning. They are falling into every trap in this sideshow which is almost over.

This wasn’t about another four year election, this is about destroying their entire system and it’s working like a well-oiled Marine. Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing you can count on 100% extreme accountability, the American people will accept nothing less. This was God’s way of showing you who is good and who is evil and it is sad for the people who haven’t been paying attention. Law-fare is warfare.
Freedom Rally
Nothing But Truth

Today on the Stew Peters Show, we proudly present the worldwide premiere of “These Little Ones”.

Millions of children vanish each year.
83,000 each month.
2,700 a day.
115 per hour.
1 every 30 seconds.
It makes you wonder…where do they all go?

From the producers of “Watch the Water”, directors Matthew Miller Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer tackle the dark underworld of CPS sex trafficking, elite pedophilia, and the shady death of truth seeking icon Isaac Kappy.

Get notified when the documentary drops, text STEW to tell: (833) 495-3348

Please consider supporting Warrior Bride Ministries, as they heal the wounds of victims from Satanic Ritual Abuse

In September 1914 the British foreign office authorised a War Propaganda Bureau under Charles Masterman at that point, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a minor position in Asquith’s government. Asquith’s prime objective appears to have been to keep his paramour, Venetia Stanley fully informed of events, often secret events, while keeping the British public in dutiful ignorance.

Be radical by being deeply rooted in Christ Jesus.

John 8:32

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