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The Philosophy of the Matrix is understood by very few. Those who have bought into the vaxxed government school system have been deceived, thus buying into the Matrix and the complete mind-washing of the public. It’s always been about programming a compliant/obedient individual creating the properly controlled student designed for one purpose; the obedient wageslave void of all critical thinking. CV19™ is a perfect example of a compliant soul, a truly lost soul, naively volunteering for all bioweapons, called vaccines which is the Ostrich Syndrome.

Stop listening to the sons of the serpent. Stop being deceived. Stop attending government schools and fight for truth.

The Truth


The full and complete truth about “PizzaGate”.

But, to do deliver that, you need to know the big picture.

* How is it that policies never change from President to President, even when they’re supposed to be opposing Parties?
* Were the Reagan years really what “Conservatives” wanted and got? What really happened and why?
* Has Ronald Reagan been re-written into something he wasn’t? By whom and why?
* The truth behind groups you’ve all heard of; the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, etc.
* Was there any truth to the “Red Scare” of the 1950’s? How did the Soviet Union gain so much influence?
* Are Jews controlling the “New World Order” or are they patsies for something far more ruthless?
* What was “Iran/Contra” really about?
* Republicans have not only failed to repeal the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, a.k.a. “ObamaCare”, they’ve protected it? Why?
* Power in America is wielded by Ruling Elite families. Elections are a sham. Who is behind the subjugation of our Republic?
* What’s the truth about “Islamic jihad” and the “Global War on Terror”?
* Did Americans really have a “choice” between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?
* What is “PizzaGate” and why has it been relegated to the realm of “just another ‘October Surprise’”?
* It’s “us” verses “them” and “they” have turned you into a slave by corruption and conspiracy on a shocking level.
* If the “conspiracy” is big enough to cover everything from the moon landing to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to 9/11, how do “they” keep it secret?
* All major media from “Snopes” to the Washington Post mock the idea of systemic child sex slave trafficking. But what do the facts tell us?
* Who are John and Tony Podesta?
* The truth behind the “Flynn/Russia scandal”. The FBI “investigated” yet no-one was charged. Why?

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Think About It

Donald John Trump exposed more truth than any president however if We The People don’t awaken, nothing will ever change. People must wake up, stand up and speak loudly. One man alone, (Trump) cannot change the system. The masses, sheep will always go where led as witnessed with CV19™ and the continuing genecide.

Critical thinkers are desperately needed along with those willing to speak loudly while exposing all truth Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally. Schools destroy all creative critical thinking leaving only a few willing to take a stand. Compliance & conformity is the norm today as fear rules.

Johnny’s Testimony

As the scales fall from our eyes we see the blessings through the grace of Christ.

John 8:32

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