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Most won’t or refuse to do what they need to do and should do. Many accept Christ just to make their ride a bit smoother through life while allowing a place to hide which they do quite well.

Through the careful employment of fear, CV19™ is a great example where fear was used to voluntarily motivate the masses into destroying their own life, thus causing longterm medical effects. With somewhere under 100 vaccinations for newborns the soft kill in completion of the genecide continues. A dumbed down society is easily controlled when society consist of lab-rats void of all understanding of money & law.

It takes a combination of will power & courage coupled with critical-creative thinking to not only change a world but change oneself. Note: This conversation includes profanity. Some content might not be suitable for all audiences and ages.

SEAL Teams

David Goggins, retired Navy SEAL, highly accomplished ultramarathoner, best-selling author, and influential public speaker. David explains how he mastered his inner dialogue to build extraordinary levels of discipline and mental and physical toughness.

He describes how confronting his early hardships, including physical and mental abuse, learning disorders, and obesity, became a practice of deep and excruciating self-reflection — eventually allowing him to transmute those experiences into a superhuman work ethic.

This conversation is a unique window into David Goggins’ process in that it focuses both on the underlying science and how David manages and directs his inner dialogue. It’s a conversation that will inform and inspire anyone wondering how exactly to go about building discipline and confidence and reach their potential. Far too many dance around the important issues in life yet too many lie about who they really are, never able to come to the truth. Is your truth real?

This saying embodies the SEALs’ relentless pursuit of excellence. It signifies their unwavering determination to overcome any obstacle in their path. The phrase ”The only easy day was yesterday” is a constant reminder that every new day brings fresh challenges and opportunities for growth. Having been raised by a SEAL, it is necessary to always speak loudly, His Truth to His Glory alone because to live is Christ, to die is profit.

If you can still do something, then do it and if you can’t, then speak loudly for the Lord exposing Truth, His Truth, because you know what to do…

John 8:32

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