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Red State or Blue State Mail In Ballots & Clarity Voting

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We’re supposed to be the United States of America. But in many ways, we’re now divided into two very different nations.

There is red state America.

And there is blue state America.

The red states favor conservative, small government, free market policies: low taxes, light regulation, tough-on-crime policing, and worker freedom. Think Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, and Utah.

The blue states favor a liberal/left, big government approach: high taxes, heavy regulations, high minimum wages, and mandatory union membership. Think New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, and, of course, California.

Progressives like to argue that their big-government, high tax policies are economically superior and thus better for the poor, minorities and working-class Americans than those of red states. Conservative policies, progressives contend, are culturally backward, and tilted to benefit the rich.

Let’s test this thesis by comparing three of the largest red states: Florida, Texas, and Tennessee with three of the largest blue states: California, New York, and Illinois.

If progressive policies really work, then Americans should be rushing to get into the blue states.

But just the opposite is happening.

How to steel and election: Mail in Ballots. Ballot Harvesting!

What’s the difference between absentee balloting and universal mail-in balloting? The latter might sound like a great idea, but is it really? Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute answers this vitally important question.

Dennis Prager has some questions for those who say they vote for the “person, not the party.” What if the candidate is a wonderful person with terrible policy ideas? Which is more important to vote for: policy or personality? What is the first and most important task of government? Let this video provide some clarity as you head to the polls.

Three things you should think about before you vote:

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