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Monkeypox release is designed to keep humanity paralyzed with fear.

Dr. David Martin revealing the simple truth about monkeypox: It’s a psychological terrorism operation to keep humanity paralyzed with fear while our rights and liberties are stripped away under one world government.

After two years of covid lies, lockdowns, depopulation vaccines, lockdown tyranny and anti-humanity genocide carried out by the medical establishment, anyone who still believes in government authority is truly an idiot.

But globalists are counting on that.

They are using monkeypox — and the coming monkeypox vaccines — to literally weed out the dumbed-down, obedient human beings who are too stupid to survive a basic IQ test. Globalists have long decided that they want to exterminate billions of people on planet Earth, and to their own surprise, they eventually came to realize that with the proper media narrative, they can get the oblivious masses to literally line up and be euthanized with injections without even a whimper of resistance.

At some point, you have to concede that perhaps some of these oblivious masses truly are too stupid to represent the future of the human race. Not that we want to see vaccine violence committed against billions, of course, but there is a point where, after warning people over and over and over again, you just shrug your shoulders and invoke the Darwin Awards as the only applicable explanation.

Pfizer CEO says it’s their dream to reduce the population by 50% in 2023!

This video is less than a minute.  Pfizer CEO is telling us 50% of us have to go. 

I guess he is in the other 50%. The globalist New World Order Agendas 21 & 30 and the Georgia Guidestones also say that the herd must be thinned to 500 million.  Those that survive will be the slaves to the elite in a dictatorship.  No one will have any freedoms or property rights in this New World Order, so why do people of today work so hard for a world that will enslave them? Until certain presumptions are rebutted, they are already enslaved.

Now you know why the governments have mandated we all take their dangerous experimental  Jab to deal with a virus that has never been isolated.  War and vaccine mandates with toxic results are two very good ways to thin the herd.

Interesting how most people trust the government and the WHO, neither who have our best interests in mind.  Just do what you are told or lose your livelihood. Lets not forget the food and water shortages caused by this unnecessary inflation.

If you still trust the government to do anything for you, I have a bridge to sell you.

The goal of this video is to try and explore how did our modern cosmological viewpoint of health arise? Why would someone feel that they need the medical establishment and science to save them? We try and take a different approach to this argument by looking at its Historical and Spiritual context and connecting areas of thought that are not normally tied together. It is for you to decide what happened and what the solution can be for this is only meant to be an exercise in curiosity.

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