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Some years back we moved to the mountains where we would have a safer view of the political theater exhibited in the cities across the nation and around the world. It has been truly amazing. The cities are full of little Yummy types waiting to meet you.

Become a seeker of Truth and do something. Turn off the TV and stop wearing diapers; it’s time to get busy. Too many are being permanently damaged from the Jesuit Jab which isn’t a vaccine. It’s a medical device known as Gene Therapy.

Remember: one can only warn someone so many times. At some point you must let go and tell them to go for it. Get the injection along withe the next series of injections and let us know how it goes. Above all, encourage their future.

This Communistic CCP cyber attack supported by all Dem’s has been fascinating. The entertainment only improves. Remember the Scripture; flee to the mountains. Are you prepared for the insanity of the show? “My People are destroy for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:16

ABSOLUTE PROOF! (MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Releases Long Promised Documentary Of 2020 Voter Fraud – Watch It Here! (Video)

Don’t count anyone out. It’s all hands on deck. Don’t go into a fetal position. Don’t put your head in the sand exposing all your assets. The sixties fought for free love, peace, sex, music and drugs. Take a stand and speak out. Biden’s mandate is a complete fraud along with Gates, Fauci, Birx and crew and it was all stolen.

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