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Fasting is seldom taught in society today, much less in the church resulting in a sick society. The masses operate in fear trusting the allopath instead of the Lord Jesus Christ which is a curse. The allopath only understand the cut, burn, poison remedy as intensely taught in the practice of medicine. Pharmakeia is considered sorcery in Scripture as the enchantment of poisons, always promoted through fear like CV19™ that many fell victim too.

In Scripture, prayer and fasting is placed on the same level. Fasting is a God appointed way to humble ourselves just like pride which keeps us from all the blessing of Christ. Pride caused the casting down of Lucifer. Pride & ego is forever condemned.

Honor and preserve the preaching of God’s Word and to promote revival to this generation.

Derek Prince

He that is humble will have God to be his guide. Always sit in the lowest place and the only way to go is up. Jesus humbled himself at the cross and Father God exalted Him. God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble. No one can get close to God with pride. We must humble our souls with fasting. The only thing important is the will of God. Who’s the master in your life? Are you living your way or His way? Always choose the spiritual way. Will you take the carnal way or the spiritual way?

Folks ask if one draws close to Christ when fasting? When you don’t eat for 7 days one draws very close to Jesus Christ. Included in this fast is 7 days of colonics using a colema board with 5 gallons of essential oil water irrigating & cleansing the colon. So for 7 days pure, good water is the only item consumed. It is good to include Digize, Lemon, Frankincense in the colonic water. Over the years hip, knee, joint, tooth, jaw pain, including Lyme has vanished while fasting using YLEO’s which is why Scripture encourages prayer & fasting.


Having been raised by a high ranking officer with the SEAL Teams & a Duke Masters Graduate, the Captain taught many important lesions concerning life. What an awesome privilege it was and so it continues to be today…

John 8:32

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