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In a world full of conflicting voices, Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, ND brings us back to the foundations of ancient wisdom that many have abandoned. His intimate relationship with the Creator God and Lover of our souls has guided his pursuit of truth as it relates to all aspects of our humanity: body, soul and spirit.

He has dedicated his life to the restoration of wellness by using God-given tools such as water, light, touch, plants, sound, magnetism, etc. and enhancing them through technological advances available to us in the 21st century. He welcomes you to join him on this journey of authentic wholeness where, together, we can stand against the assaults on creation and experience the joy of walking in truth.

Few today comprehend what the doctor is discussing due to the absolute mind-washing endured by the population using fear & intimidation. The allopathic doctor does not have a clue due to the programming designed solely for profit in todays system of allopathy as exhibited in every medical institution resulting in a mentally ill society. Mentally & physically ill doctors are treating mentally & physically ill patients resulting in what we see today..

Develop a hunger for truth and become a truther to our Abba Fathers Glory and the salvation of mankind in accord with His will.

John 8:32

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