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The selling of one’s soul to the devil is known as a Faustian Bargain. Sound familiar? Read on! (Then watch the video to see what happens when people’s souls are captured and they become Non-Player Characters – mechanical zombies spouting “opinions” they are programmed to spout and repeating in a cult-like manner) The program is working beautifully.

As said many times nothing is coincidence, and, nothing is new.  Everything happening now has been in planning since the beginning of time and there are many scripts that tell the tale of ancient evils.

Thousands of years before Doctor Fauci, there was Doctor Faust – a medieval legend of a doctor-turned-necromancer, who made a pact with the devil in order to obtain knowledge and power.

Then, in 1592, came Doctor Faustus, a play based on the medieval legend, in which Christoper Marlowe describes Faustus as a well-educated man who is not satisfied with his life and decides that he wants to practice higher powers, like magic. 

So… as you do… Dr. Fausti made a deal with Lucifer through Mephistophilis who said Faustus must first write a deed with his own blood. Faustus has more questions about hell, but Mephistophilis distracts Faustus by urging him to prick his arm and seal the agreement. Faustus obeys, but when he tries to write, the blood on his arm congeals so that he cannot go on. Mephistophilis quickly goes off to get some fire to open the wound again. While Mephistophilis is away, Faustus wonders if the congealment of his blood is a sign that he should not continue.

But, of course he does, and in return, he gets a book of spells that can create gold, control weather, and bring forth men in armor.

The good news is that the play ends with Faustus being dragged off to hell by a group of demons. What does this story have to do with today? Nothing. And everything. 

It’s about surviving the NPC genocide and the zombie apocalypse. 
For those awakening, not selling your soul is a good start!

Exclusive Klaus Schwab Tell All interview! What’s so amazing is millions have bought into the covid narrative, voluntarily taking the covid injections in support of their own demise. On the lighter side watch and learn. Pray for critical thinking going forward which seems to be in short supply among the masses which are systematically & voluntarily being extinguished.

So, whom do you serve? Unfortunately, the churches serve the state known as 501c3 corporations designed for the corporate US corporate citizen, which in law are fictions and the lies continue…time to awaken…Why else would sheep be numbered?

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