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60 minutes piece on Mercy Ships. a great christian charity where great medical services are provided freely where eyes are opened along with an expansion of horizons for all involved.

For somewhere around 10 years traveling around the world involved in medical missions & evangelism, eyes were opened with daily challenges and experiences. Privileged to meet Don & Deyon Stephens back in the 80’s was a unique experience, where an invitation was offered to work with Mercy Ships. While involved in DTS at the University of The Nations on the Big Island of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, again privileged to meet and work with the founder of YWAM, Loren & Darlene Cunningham for 3 months in Hawaii. Later another 3 month opportunity was embraced traveling 900 miles up the Amazon on the Good Samaritan into the rain forrest of Brazil.

Upon returning home, over a 10 year period of medical missions & evangelism was embraced on a worldwide excursion with a variety of groups.

For many years the masses continue to work so hard, not for Christ, but for mammon, while ignoring the majority of Scripture. Sadly, most support the very system of extortion destroying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Far too many have never learned anything concerning money and law starting with God’s Law. When God’s Law is ignored, man’s law is embraced leading to American’s current State of the Nation.

Consider falling to your knees and seeking true life only found in His Holy inspired Word Written and may He richly bless you in your pursuit of an eternal relationship with Him alone. Only then is life worth living while being led by His Spirit in accord with His Wisdom. Worldly wisdom pales in comparison just as many are called but few are chosen. Don’t miss the mark because this life is a blink in time in light of Eternity. Living without Christ Jesus is not living; it’s simply existing, awaiting death. Only He alone can lead one’s life.

John 8:32

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