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Mike Adams is one of the great hero’s of the day with his daily broadcast of truth. How many understand what the Ukraine War is really about? How many are willing to do the research and take a stand for truth?

For every leader there are 10,000 leaners. Are you a leader or a leaner? America is being lost due to the libtard woke agenda of the fearful godless volunteering for the CV19™ medical device described by both Klaus Schwab & Dr David Martin. The DNA of mankind is being hacked through the voluntary covid injection in accord with the 2030 agenda. As family & friends fall victim to the agenda, it is heartbreaking. It’s always been a series of plandemics designed decades/centuries ago.

How many today realize how doctors and hospitals have become killing centers. How many think Putin & Trump are evil? How many today are capable of identifying truth and how many share the truth? Where are the genuine men & women of our Father God?

This docu-series follows Patty Myers as she fights for change within the hospital industry. She shares how her late husband, Tony Myers, was poorly treated due to lack-of-care, malpractice and restrictive (and ultimately deadly) hospital protocols.

She also chats with senators and other individuals who have seen similar situations occur across the country. Join her on this journey as she not only fights for her husband, but also for patients to be in control of their healthcare journey. Enough is enough. It’s time to speak up. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time for change.

My husband Tony was a fun guy. I was married to him for 31+ years. He loved fishing, making people laugh, Virginia Tech College Football, and Jesus. He died unnecessarily due to deadly, “stay-in-the-box,” hospital protocols. I am here to stand up for him and for all the other millions of valued people in this country. My husband tried to fight for his life but the hospital kept saying no. We ALL need to STAND UP!

John 8:32

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