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Few understand the reality of what Max is sharing because of the comfort of the daily mind-wash from cradle to grave. The school system coupled with government has done an amazing job on the masses as exhibited by CV19™ and the millions of naïve volunteers.

Max Igan’s wisdom from 2014 is still relevant today regarding what you do with the knowledge after you are awake to the system.

Original video is no longer available as his channel was removed, for, you know, ‘violating the right to speak the truth and awaken others’, but his website is and you can still download the original mp3 here:


It is time for those aware to awaken tho the truth and take a stand.

People live within two realities, and within this reality in which we live, we find that there are actually two completely separate worlds that are overlaid over each other. (01)

One world is the real world in which you are alive, you are living flesh.

The other world is the corporate world, the corporate system, the fictional paper-based commerce-based reality, which has been superimposed over all of our lives.

We actually function within both of these worlds, although we are fast becoming locked within the fictional commercial world much more than we experience the real world, the flesh and blood world, and it’s becoming more this way all the time, due to the slow and ever-evolving machinations of the corporate system.

John 8:32

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