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Agenda 2030 is very real and those with eyes to see, can clearly see. They are the most blessed when they take the stand for truth, His Truth, Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally which comprises what Scripture refers to as a whole man & woman.

The genuine men and women are standing up not only for America but the world at large. It is time for the genuine Christian to awaken & take a stand by proclaiming Truth from the rooftops.

If Jesus Christ is real to you stop fleecing the flock, stop working for Ferns, expose the Fed and take a stand, by working for the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ. Start living His Living Word. It’s all in His Word written. Learn both the Scriptural & Civil principles by studying Law & Money.

Will you do this? It is the only way to truly live life which offers eternal life with Christ while the option is eternal death without Christ. Money is the god for far too many and they spend a destitute life serving self for money. Where do you stand today?

What are you doing? Are you a Christian Truther to our Abba Father’s Glory?

John 8:32

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