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A doctor speaks out sharing, babies are being prepared for AI & Transhumanism through vaccines & medicine. Covid 19™. All that’s needed is to capture one generation which has been successful with the obedient, compliant help of parents. People are being changed from the inside out for mining human energy as Gates wrote about. Recall, the carbon footprint can be reduced to zero with vaccines which is us.

800 thousand children vanish annually worldwide creating a billion dollar business. Thank you Trump for bringing this to light.

It’s amazing how we are always told about the future as described in Scripture for the genuine Christian. Watch Jupiter Ascending to better understand how human energy is mined. Remove the box to see the big picture.

As George Carlin once shared; it’s a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. The real plandemic for those who can critically think. It’s the red pill vs the blue pill. It’s the debt based system creating scarcity.

We all live encapsulated in a control grid that encompasses all our activities during the course of our lives.

How did this control system come into being?

And what steps can be taken to emancipate ourselves from its clutches?

What would happen if we failed to rise to this challenge?

The world is changing rapidly, and while people are busy looking for a remedy in a myriad of directions – spanning everything from anarchism, cryptocurrencies and sovereignty, to off-the-grid communities and far-left political candidates, still many are failing to acknowledge what lies behind the veil and the need to address things at the root core of the problem.

In this hard-hitting presentation, Max Igan reveals the true nature of humanity’s prison and the people farming our governments are involved in.

Covering topics from Trump and the path to Persia that is being attempted and the true nature of the dark cabal that operates from behind the scenes.

Max reveals the urgency of our situation and the very real need for people to adjust their moral compass, and, in doing so, to become an active voice for freedom.


The lecture covers a wide range of topics – from education, health, the destruction of the Amazonian rainforests, to Max Igan’s recent trip to the Gaza strip.

From the energetic and vibratory nature of matter and consciousness, to the contemporary influence of corporate entities and the irrefutable problems that mankind faces in the age of information, Max Igan connects the dots, providing an enlightening perspective of how to move forwards towards a collective awakening.

Max Igan has spent over 25 years researching the topics he covers in the many radio broadcasts and videos that he has produced.

Covering a broad range of subjects, he never fails to inspire with his concise and lucid summation of the shared global situation.

He is a musician, activist and radio host on The People’s Network.

He is the founder of and directed the films; The Awakening (2008), The Calling (2009) and Trance-Formation (2012).

Kakistocracy is defined as governance by the worst elements of society who govern exclusively in their own interests and to the permanent detriment of all other classes.

With AI, you will either be a desirable or an undesirable for control or elimination, thus creating the perfect people farm. Stop supporting the government, the AI & the smart grid. Stop complying, because government is the leading cause of death. Become self governing instead of being led like sheep.

Embrace the warrior spirit for Christ Jesus. Eternity is a long time and you are eternal. Live for self or live for Christ. His wisdom alone will lead to life eternal. The walking dead live without Christ fully operational in worldly wisdom. Stop being compromised.

The greatest lie is 95% truth. Drugs are for people that can’t face reality. Reality is for people that can’t face drugs; all drugs, both legal & illegal. It’s all about the journey. Think for yourself and stop being told what to do. Stop being a compliant sheep.

Ready or not; here we go. America is going to be challenged. Don’t succumb to fear porn. Are you prepared?


While we are distracted they are setting up the DIGITAL ID that will monitor your EVERY MOVE!

New World
It’s Happening Now

John 8:32

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