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Prepare for Covid 2.0 and embrace your fears. WEF will be knocking on your door soon. “Be Prepared” has always been the Boy Scout Motto. Are you prepared? Pay close attention.

Do Not Comply with covid (CV19™) tyranny if you wish to live. Have you seen Plandemic I & Plandemic II? Maybe it’s time to awaken and promote the truth. How stupid do the leaders think, We The People are? Well, those taking the CV19™ are fixed just as the die is cast. Please get educated and pay close attention to the next event this Fall. We’ve been invaded and the injected are clueless because the Fauci Snakebite has been most effective.

The PCR test is a joke as expressed by Kary Mullis prior his death which was conveniently arranged. Do not comply with masking displaying sheepish obedience & do not volunteer for the next booster.

Western Medicine Was A Fraud

Junk Science leads to the deception & convenient death of billions which is the agenda for those naive enough to buy the CV19™ lies. Remember, the Georgia Guidestones, forecasting since 1980, how 7 billion must die, using vaccines, and it’s working beautifully. As clearly stated, the goal, as Gates shared years ago is to reduce the world population to 500 million using vaccines. The carbon footprint must be reduced to zero in accord with the agenda.

Psyop IQ Test

Covid 2.0 plandemic will be a total hoax and far too many sheep have voluntarily failed the psyop IQ test. Those wearing mask will likewise fall for the next set of injections. Even the sheep are driven by jobs & money not aware that the injection will destroy their lives, not unlike baby vaccines causing long term medical effects.

Maui is yet another brilliant example of their work with Mountain DEW and the sheep are none the wiser. What a great event to destroy the native Hawaiian’s for the great land grab. They refused to sell and this is the price they paid. Do you think it can’t happen to you? Do you think it can’t happen here? Really?

John 8:32

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