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May The Father Bless you and yours. Thanksgiving Day is filled with just that; thanks giving. May every day be a day of thanks giving to the One who owned everything and gave it up for us who had nothing that we might have everything. There cannot be enough gratitude in us all put together to appropriately thank Him for that! May He bless you and use you mightily in His Kingdom, both now and in the millenniums to come. 

Thanks giving day for much of the world is not so good due to those that don’t know Christ along with those fighting for their very lives and their children. While the masses of America sleep in their business as usual state of mind, few prepare for the coming days as MSM continues to sedate the populous. Coupled with CV19™ injections and the masses continue to be easily led to their own demise.

Maybe it’s time to awaken, educate and speak loudly once truth becomes real to those serving Christ Jesus the only true king.

If you’ve never been shunned, banned, slandered & ridiculed, you’re not doing the work of the King Eternity is real and it’s time to awaken and take a stand if possible because evil prevails for most and unfortunately, most are deluded as children continue suing parents for their money as greed prevails.

If possible have a lovely Thanksgiving Day while praying for those who can’t…do you understand the difference between digital fact & fiction and where do you stand today and what will you do?

Uninjected Have Same Nanotech, Clots, Graphene as Injected. Maria Zeee RAGES as Dr. Ana Mihalcea from joins her to show evidence that the uninjected are showing the SAME nanotech, graphene, clots and more as the injected due to shedding. Dr. Ana shows us how we can clean our blood and protect ourselves from this disaster.

Uninjected Have Same Nanotech, Clots, Graphene as Injected

John 8:32

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