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Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media joins guest host Maria Zeee on The Alex Jones Show to expose the climate cultist agenda of collapsing local economies, discussing what part World War 3 plays in the agenda. The walking dead continue to exist among the pure-bloods. The pure-bloods are the freedom while the rest are awaiting death. It’s all biblical…

Smart Cities

We are in WW III right now but most people don’t see it just as college students are clueless. If over 1 million US civilians were killed by our illegitimate government using conventional weapons like tanks, planes dropping bombs, or soldiers, we would be up in arms. But when it’s done using an unconventional weapon we don’t think anything of it.

The reason for that has to do with the “boiling frog analogy.” We are conditioned to respond to things like earthquakes, bombs, and gunfire by protecting, or defending, ourselves like the frog trying to save itself when put in a container with boiling water.

This is why most people only recognized wars that use conventional weapons. But we don’t recognize wars that use jabs, election fraud, DEWs, open borders, FBI/DOJ, or the destruction of our economy as weapons against us. Therefore, we are like the frog placed in a container with lukewarm water that is slowly boiling and the frog doesn’t realize it.

We think nothing of the deaths caused by unconventional weapons like the jabs. Well over a million US civilians have been killed due to the jabs. Globally, over 17 million civilians have been killed in WW III. Regardless of the fact that this war is using unconventional weapons, it’s a real war with real deaths. We need to wake up or else we will all boil to death! Welcome to the land of the walking dead…

The US Government has strategic stockpiles for every aspect of the grid, you need to replicate this. Get out of the cities if possible. The intelligent are fleeing to the mountains.

They Know

John 8:32

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