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May The Father Bless you and yours. Hope your Thanksgiving Day is filled with just that; Thanks Giving this November 2023.

May every day be a day of thanks giving to the One who owned everything and gave it up for us who had nothing that we might have everything.

There cannot be enough gratitude in us all put together to appropriately thank Him for that! May He bless you and use you mightily in His Kingdom, both now and in the millenniums to come.

Researchers call what is happening today the new Manhattan Project on the way to transhumanism. The wireless body network and internet of things has you. This is why they rolled out the CV19™ with graphene oxide along with the death shot globally.

We are living among the woke? Dr David Martin was correct in stating CV19™ kill shot (Bio-weapon) is a medical device and is in no way a vaccine.

Are you wired?

Injected graphene is necessary for the smart cities of the future and everyone has been infected through the vaxxed, shedding and the food and water supply along with chemtrails, et al.

John 8:32

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