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George Gordon has since departed this world as a preacher of truth in law. He operated a non 501(c)3 church unlike those fleecing the sheep today saying give us a donation and we’ll give a tax write-off as exposed in John Weavers sermon called “The Temple Tax” found on: or

Over the years it seems the church has lost the true meaning of scriptures that contain passages concerning words like “government”, “dominion” and “slavery” and have misinterpreted those words as referring to physical things and man made laws rather than spiritual things and God made laws. Therefore we cannot be free from man’s laws and temporal thinking if applying them to God’s Word.

Please encourage all to study commentaries by sensible and godly men who have taken the time to dissect the Word and gain clarity in its meaning like the ones attached. May the reader be advised to pray for discernment in doing so as even very godly men can be wrong, ungodly theologians can be downright deceitful.  

Knowledge without understanding is dangerous, understanding without wisdom to apply it can be spiritually lethal, true wisdom only comes from God, by His Spirit, and is spiritually nurturing.

We all should have the same teacher, The Holy Spirit, and therefore the same understanding. That is why we MUST NOT lean on our own understanding lest we be deceived ourselves and become deceivers of others.

Walk in The Spirit, not in the flesh. In fact, we must walk even as He (Christ) walked if we wish to be followers of His and joint heirs with Him. 

Very few understand money & law while the masses slave their lives away paying their fair share to a system of fraud. Few know how many federal reserve banks exist today, much less who owns them. It’s way past time the people stand against fraud, yet who will? Who is truly educated?

The masses operate as indoctrinated, throughly programmed slaves with little idea concerning change. Like the school system which was designed to create obedient, compliant, tax paying factory workers and has not changed since its inception. John Taylor Gatto calls them wageslaves. The higher the pay the greater the mind-washed programming where critical, creative thinking is destroyed.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV

George Gordon

We have two systems in law. Dejure law is God’s law. Defacto law is mans law. Everyone’s rights comes from God’s law which is the giver of all God given rights. None of this is taught in government schools, universities, law school, medical school or any school.

“Woe unto you, lawyers for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.” Luke 11:52 KJV

What will you do as a God fearing woman or man?

The majority of men operate in fear. The covid flu bioweapon was a prime example exhibiting the power fear has over the masses. CV19™ was the perfect storm for genecide according to the Georgia Guidestones. Like parents who vax newborns with 75 vaccines causing a lobotomized, controllable, fear ridden child, easily programmed and socialized for the Luciferian beast system. It all comes down to contract & trust law.

There are over 60 lessons and every lesson needs to be understood. All are not equal and never will be, so please listen and learn. Freedom is not free just as few truly know Jesus Christ much less live for Him. His wisdom alone is key and much study is required. Please stop wasting time in school and learn money & law including His Law.

If Christ knows every hair on our head and He feeds the sparrows of the field how much more does He care for us if we walk in obedience, living for Him and studying His Word written? Remember, He requires a living sacrifice…

John 8:32

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