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From the founder of the Warrior Poet Society, a daring manual on how to become a dangerous—and good—man

Find what is true & live starting with Jesus Christ. Stop being a limp wristed rhino Christian. Stand tall, speak loudly, unleash liberty & always support those who do otherwise may your chains rest lightly around your ankles as you walk and live complying to the narrative, leading to y0ur own demise, enslavement & death. Set the example.

There is a war on masculinity, and everywhere we look—on every front we hold sacred—we can see the painful reminders of this collapsing order. The chaos and crisis we are experiencing today should be a signal for men everywhere to rise up; to fight to preserve our way of life by once again walking the ancient paths. But this isn’t a journey that need be taken alone.

In The Warrior Poet Way, public speaker, former Army Ranger, and all-around patriot John Lovell offers a needed antidote to the lack of strong men in our modern world. This is a call to all men to be what they truly are. Both dangerous and good. Lovers and fighters. Lions and lambs.

Both philosophical and practical, this guide dispenses essential advice on how to be a whole man, from tyranny-proofing your home to wooing the right woman. Through anecdotes of his time in the military, interviews with other men, and practicums at the end of each chapter, Lovell teaches the virtue of balance—navigating the tension between violent warrior and romantic poet—and guides men through each mental and physical change they must make to embody the ancient spirit of a real man.

This is a manual for every man to use in the fight of their life—and what it takes to win. No good thing comes easy, and the life you want is just on the other end of what you don’t want to do. This is the Warrior Poet Way. Are you ready to walk it?

Stop undermining your rights; do you know what they are? Can you name and embrace them before they are gone?

Undermining Constitutional Rights

Are you prepared, are you humble, are y0u willing to stand tall & speak loudly to our Father’s Glory? Be outspoken, unleash liberty, help others win. It’s the only road to travel.

Can you name your rights?

Join Chadd as he discusses 10 items to complete your kit for effectiveness in all environments. Join the Warrior Poet Society today…

The United States has fallen and we’re forging something new.

An Ominous Day

Read: “The Warrior Poet Way: A Guide to Living Free and Dying Well”. Become a lover & fighter to God’s Glory. Love deeply & be hard when it gets hard…

John 8:32

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