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Chris Beck is a retired Navy Seal with 20 years service & 15 deployments under his belt. Even with his Bronze Star with Valor, Chris wasn’t only known for his skills behind the trigger, but for his brilliance in technology and engineering.

Chris pioneered the mission planning systems for all of SOCOM, revolutionized the future of warfare with the “Iron Man” Project, and contracted for the Pentagon with a $600 million dollar research and development budget. Despite all of his accomplishments, Chris was facing demons in private. TBIs, PTSD, and a traumatic childhood sent Chris down a path to find out who he truly was.

Through trauma and misguided agendas, Chris transitioned to a woman and after years of being pulled into this ideology, ultimately started the long journey to transitioning back into the man he always was.

Explore his journey through an abusive childhood, the trans agenda, and the nuance of sexuality & biology. Chris’s fiance’ Courtney joins us and explains how gender dysphoria can endanger and influence children and how society has reached a breakpoint with these issues. Stick around until the end of the episode to learn how Chris sparing a life in combat may have set the stage for him to save his own and how thousands of others will be.

John 8:32

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