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America is changing as truth becomes more illusive which few are capable of identifying or sharing. Rhino’s follow the narrative and children are the victims. Rhino’s remain silent, unaware, that silence will ultimately lead to their own destruction as forecast by Rothschild. Whatever incompetence is in charge is doubled down on instead of seeking a better, more effective remedy.

This is true Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally, which Scripture refers to as a whole man & woman. This is a marker for the true Christian.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

Very few Truthers exist today due to fear and lack of critical/creative thinking, both routinely destroyed in all government schools where the programed masses waste far too many years. Like baby vaccines, the sole purpose of schools is controllable, obedient, extort-able, dependent, taxable, sick wageslaves. Those going along with the plan do so out of fear & greed.

The volunteers of CV19™ easily proved this equation otherwise known as a genocidal soft kill. Gates, Fauci, Soros & Klaus Schwab are know Eugenicist, with a hatred for humanity. The CV19™ genecide is working beautifully as planned. Prepare for the unexpected, prepare for change. Visit the recently destroyed Georgia Guidestones.

The Rhino Christian community along with Humanism has always prevailed and with continued support will always stand tall until Abba Father deals with all, through the shed blood of Jesus the Christ. When leadership fails the genuine Christian will call it out! Unfortunately, they are few and far between and far too many pastors live in fear of man and loss of church & funding. The corporate run church is for the corporate citizen which is a taxable, commercial subject.

The construct of a Christian Truther is a difficult path. Most cannot deal with pattern breaks and everyone is a creature of habit. MSM is carefully crafting the news, yet building the long-game, everyone is experiencing. Letting go in Christ is the highest form of Faith while trusting in His Word Written and led of His Holy Spirit. This is living the Christ centered life.

“True Christianity is not what you’re going to get out of or from God. It’s what He’s going to get out of you.” The 501(c)3 corporate run church today is solely for the corporate citizen in mans defacto system. Communication is the key. Enough said…

We are all sheep; who is your Shepard? Who do you serve? The masses serve money, the job, themselves, the perception and the reputation. It’s all humanism, like an infection spreading everywhere. The Rhino Christian has naively created the country we have today by crying to the locals when they don’t wish to embrace Truth. The Rhino daily shuns their Christian duty. Faith comes by hearing…

The Rhino Christian is usually Christian in name only like a wolf in sheep clothing, operating through fear of the narrative. Paris Reidhead preached a great sermon about Christian Rhino’s called: “Ten Shekels And A Shirt”.

Most Christians are compromised & complexed serving mammon, sodomites, pagans & so called christians, Et al, without the slightest whimper. Rhino’s embrace Christ to put springs on their wagon to make the ride through life a little smoother.

Most Rhino’s work hard, leaving the preaching of truth up to the preacher in the corporate run apostate church. Scriptural truth may be allowed however outside of Christ and Him crucified, Rhino’s live under strong delusion, so be not deceived. There are few preachers willing or able to preach the hard truth from Scripture and even fewer who want to embrace truth.

Like the rhino republican, the rhino christian is a turncoat, rarely defending that which is good and right if it requires taking a stand and speaking. What we’re witnessing today, in the failing of America, is the clear result of the Anesthetized church and Rhino Christian Community.

Few Rhino christians believe God became a human or the lordship of Christ or the power of the Gospel or the work of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the Scripture. As many have shared; the Bible is a book of fables and therein lies the eternal problem. Will not the Judge of all do right?

The end of all being is the Glory of God for the true born again, spirit filled Christian. Humanism and the Rhino, says the end of all being is the happiness of man. One was born in hell, the deification of man, the other born in Heaven the glorification of God. Where do you stand?

If a true man/woman of God confronts a sodomite with Scripture concerning a man laying with another man, that is considered foul language and said Christian needs to be cancelled/banned/shunned at all cost so run to the nearest agent and make the call. The Rhino does not regard eternity or the fact that men involved with men is effecting the children today while resulting in self-mutilation along with transgendering and suicide. Know this; transgender identity is gender dysphoria with a lifetime of scaring.

The Rhino Christian is not about to consider the effects of the “mutilation” and the horrific procedure of female genital mutilation, which involves partial or total removal of the external female genitalia nor would they ever publicly speak against such resulting in todays epidemic. The Rhino christian is to blame as the Rhino Republican and money is always the issue.

If said Christian warns strangers concerning CV19™ which is a Fauci, Gates, Soros, Klaus Schwab bio-weapon, this is also considered foul language. Truth is offensive to the fear ridden Rhino, pagan, atheist, embracing and supporting the narrative, which is a brilliant genocide, leaving the children & elderly defenseless.

Many Truthers like, Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR Test, have been eliminated, like Dr. Rushed Butter, who boldly & publicly spoke against CV19™ producing billions monetarily, while creating a soft kill for the masses, through a variety of heart issues. Now we have SADS from CV19™ along with SIDS with around 75 newborn vaccines. May want to visit the Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980 and recently destroyed. Inscribed on the stones was to reduce the world population to 500,000,000.

Rhino Christians shun those promoting truth. Remember, it’s all commerce and always about the bottom line which is the pay check. If you speak truth you will run the risk of being cancelled or worse. Genuine Christians need to wake up, stand up & speak up.

Pastor Paris Reidhead

Humanism is like an infection. Humanism for centuries, has always been the greatest opponent of true Christianity and as evidenced, continues today, where everyone does what is right in their own eyes, depending on how it effects the bottom line. The CV19™ mandates are crystal clear evidence, just as the next plandemic, will be far worse in culling the sheep, who live in fear while following the narrative on MSM.

Any man/woman of God bold enough to publicly speak the truth will be persecuted so who are you serving today? Recall living in East Germany when Martin Luther’s partner was burned at the stake in the town square. Likewise, William Tyndale, was burned at the stake after he translated the Bible. His goal was to enable a plowboy who would know more Scripture than a priest. The priest job was & is to keep the masses ignorant, for easier control and extortion where many atrocities continue to this day. The Rhino Christian & Humanism are in lockstep, resulting in todays climate culture and we have not seen anything yet so remain silent and watch.

Not you, didn’t think so?

How about communist China where one is locked away or put to death for owning a Bible. Take a hard look at America and thank the Rhino Christian who’s in church every Sunday and silent throughout the week, chanting can’t loose that pay check because the job is too important. Rhino christians would rather love bomb a sodomite/pedo or a lie, than support a man of God bold enough to share Scriptural Truth. Consider what was done to William Tyndale. Those oppressing Truth will face judgement day like those speaking truth will be judged.

Over 5,000 Christians are killed annually because of the name of Jesus Christ or because they have a Bible and boldly speak truth, thanks to Rhino christians selling their soul & refusing to speak.

Listen, eternity is far more real than this temporary life. The Rhino’s mantra is go along to get along. Where will you spend eternity? Are you willing to be canceled, shunned, banned, imprisoned, Tortured  or assassinated, like so many Godly men? Life at best is unfair and like the blink of an eye, in light of all eternity. Where do you stand today because judgement is one heartbeat away? Remember, Death comes like a thief in the night…

When we truly love our Abba Father; a genuine born again can’t help but share and talk about Jesus Christ, for He is all in all. The harvest is plenty and the laborers are few. Sharing is caring so how much do you really care? If Truthers are silenced, wow unto you, as you continue condemning the defenseless children…

“You can demonize the truth and bury it in the deepest pit of hell, that still won’t make it a falsity, and someone who is intellectually honest will inevitably find it again.”

It all comes down to love of God, Country & neighbor as self. It’s only because of Jesus Christ we have Life, Liberty, Property & the pursuit of Happiness. How long this remains in America is entirely up to you…

John 8:32

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