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Karen Kingston is living with the cost of going against the narrative like so many before her that are now dead for speaking the truth. Dr. Rashid Buttar in North Carolina, Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test which he shared was useless for detecting CV19™, all dead. CV19™ is the gateway to Transhumanism, what those of Faith call the mark of the beast. Many Truthers have been banned, censored, shunned, locked up or left the country which may be the best idea.

Because of the Rhino christians & the Woke christians, Karen Kingston a very Godly Christian Lady fears for her life. Far too many Christians are Snowflakes in total fear of speaking up however their day will come and it may be too late for those only thinking of themselves. Unfortunately, time will tell however it is already too late for many. The children & elderly are the most unfortunate victims as the woke rhinos remain silent.

Karen Kingston has been speaking out carefully and clearly for a long time, basing her professional opinions on actual documentation from Big Pharma and government. We think she deserves to be believed when the landscape shifts. Now, she has been warned her life is in real danger and has fled to Mexico, where she states her location because ‘they’ know she’s there.

She calls out Dr. Robert Malone, and is only one of several to do so consistently (see also Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Peter Breggin in this regard). See her interesting and revealing comments about him. She also wonders aloud why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has taken the legal position that Pfizer is above criminal liability (our words, not his) when in fact that is not the case. She did an interview with him in November of last year, destroying the case for Pfizer having any legal immunity; he never aired the interview. Why? Why isn’t he open to debate as he claims. Why isn’t he calling on sheriffs in the US to have these injections seized? (Dr. Peter Breggins also wondered publicly why RFK Jr. was not coming to his free speech defense against charges levelled at Breggin by Malone, in addition to a $25 million lawsuit Malone is bringing against him.)

Check out the video carefully for her analysis of why these public figures are taking puzzling positions. For example, why is Malone saying there’s nothing we can do to get the mRNA shots removed when there is? It’s OUR interpretation of her words, but evidently such public positions render US helpless and liable to be inactive in the face of ongoing corporate criminality.

We CAN do something to go after Pfizer and we CAN seize these shots whether it’s Pfizer or Moderna out of our communities

As ever, she is cogent and on point about the whole evil, militarized pharma agenda. It is also clear she is physically sick and believes she has been poisoned on several occasions. Which calls to mind the recent sickness (likely poisoning) and demise of Dr. Rashid Buttar, among others.

She makes it crystal clear that the freedom movement is thoroughly compromised.

The video is approximately 39 minutes and well worth listening to carefully. We wish her well. We also believe that her suspicions about who is going after her are probably correct. An established security figure, Ernest Luque, has confirmed her general fears.

Do you really think you are immune? Do you care about the children? We’re being destroyed by those going along with this genocide and those going with the planned narrative will not be safe. MSM is doing an exceptional job…

John 8:32

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